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We like to get to know you (preferably by Skype, but also email if you prefer) 
to agree the details of  your visit, what is the best option for you, etc.
and when we've agreed dates + donations to the project for your stay, 
you can make a definite booking by making the payment in one of these two ways:

Bank Transfer

via a bank transfer to 

Name: Asociación Gaia Tasiri (NIF: V38819751) 

Bank: Triodos Bank,     Nº Acct. : 1491 0001 25 1009146125

IBAN: ES58 1491 0001 25 1009146125        
BIC (or SWIFT code)

Address:   C/ José Echegaray 5, Parque Empresarial Las Rozas, 28230 Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain            

Note: it is important that on the bank transfer you add your name and what you are paying for, eg. "holiday" or "course" (and which course).


Please follow these instructions 

but add 10€ (transaction fee that PayPal charges us) to the total we agreed

  • Go to www.paypal.com  
  • Log in to your account (or create an account) 
  • Click on "Send Money" tab
  • Click on the "Personal" tab (below the amount box)
        and the "Pending payment" button.
  • Enter our PayPal email:  hola@ecoinversion.net
  • and the amount for your course

To Confirm

Then please send us a confirmation email to hola@8thlife.org

with this information about you:

  1. Full name/s of people arriving
  2. Dates (and if possible times) of your arrival & leaving
  3. Date and amount of payment made (+ comment under which name was the payment made, whether via PayPal or Bank)
  4. Your habitual email 
  5. Skype address, if you have one
  6. Your telephones (home & mobile) so we can contact you if needed

NOTE that you need to send this information 
in order to complete your booking.


Note that for internships you have to book at least 3 weeks in advance  & preferably more, as you will start preparing with us online as soon as you enroll - and the more preparation you have, the better use you will make of your time on site.   

 Shared RoomCouple
(v. small double)
 Own Room

1st month accomodation only


(288€ each)


1st month
with iPDC course

(49€ discount

(61€ discount

(497€ each)


(74€ discount

Following months accomodation costs**

249€ max 
100€ min
374€ max
224€ min
576€ max
384€ min
498€ max
349€ min

* There is a 10% discount if you pay in full (course and accommodation together), at least 3 weeks before arrival on site.

** You can earn "Permis" (equivalent to Euros) for work done for the project during your stay.  These can be then traded for discounts off accommodation prices, for other Academy courses or for additional workshops on site. 

The Course is the iPDC, more detail here 

To book your place, follow steps 2 & 3 on the Academy's Enrollment page, sending "iPDC Internship" as course option, & get prices for the kind of accomodation you prefer from the table above.

Note that food is paid separately
, once you are on site, & so far interns have put together 10-15euros per week to organize their own meals, as diets vary widely and we have a self-catering area for students which is a different house to where the resident live, on the ecovillage lands.

Organizing the domestics together as a student group is counted as one of the designs you will do whilst here, because community building and management and organizing finances with a group are very important life skills which we think are important to include, 
 especially as they can be designed in a more permacultural way than what we do habitually.

We invite each group to design their own arrangements (not just copy what previous groups have done) so your group may decide to make the weekly food budget lower or higher, it's up to you.  We do have food available locally and for free - if you do at least one hour per day in the gardens - but find that most city people will not adapt their tastes.