A big part of the finca is dedicated to forests garden. They are still very young and among the trees there is plenty of space for camping!

So whether you want to come as a volunteer or guest - if you will be staying in the tent, this will be your home for the time you are with us :)

To visit, fill out questionnaire on the When to Visit page.

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The bathroom consists of compost toilet (left in diagram) and solar shower (right in diagram). 

The solar shower is sheltered by the plants climbing on a dome-shaped structure. 

We get the hot water from the sun, so if the weather is cloudy (almost never in the summer, quite often in the winter), we simply don't have hot showers: this is also a part of living in harmony with Nature's rhythms :)

The camping site compost toilet is quite small for now and of the simple bucket
sawdust type.   There is another compost toilet just outside the camping area of the more conventional two-pit composting system.  
Both of these are dry toilets (save a lot of water) and turn humanure into soil fertility.   So even by just pooing here you are contributing to enriching the earth!
There is a conventional flush toilet available for people who are either on medication or might be ill - since in either case it isn't a good idea to use the compost toilets since we care about the quality of the resulting compost.


The kitchen is a partially sheltered space. In the summer it is the coolest place on the farm, with the beautiful view on sunset!

There is no electricity there, but we have a small solar powered LED lamp for the evenings.

We use old fridges as a storage space that is safe from rats.

For cooking, there are three small wood-stoves that can be fired up very fast and easily with pine cones and pine needles that we have an abundance of. 

We also have a gas stove, but we discourage our guests to use it, because of it's environmental costs. But if you are in a hurry or are really not that keen on cooking on a fire - there is an option of cooking on gas. Keep in mind though, that if you will need a new bottle - we will expect you to pay for it.

There is a space for fires behind the kitchen, and if the weather is rainy, you can even organize a fireplace inside of it!


We have one small, 2-person tent and two big 10-people tents for rent. 

Usually we have one of the big tents set up and we use it as a shared tent for people who don't bring their own.

In the winter, nights can be quite cold, so we recommend everyone to bring hot water bottles!

In the summer you can sleep outside under the stars! (as long as you have a mosquito net ;) 

Living Room

If it's raining you can use kitchen as living room, and even build a simple fireplace inside to have it warmer and more cosy. 
The big tent is also a good place to spend time on rainy days.

Most of the time though, our living room is in the great outdoors! You can sit on the grass, under the tree or in the sun. 

You can look at the ocean or 
the mountain, you can meet your neighbors! Falcons, pigeons, rats, butterflies, bees, beetles, almonds and variety of flowers, grasses and other plants!

To visit, fill out questionnaire on the When to Visit page.