5) When to Visit

Updated  15Jan17 

If you are interested in visiting us,
please read carefully and fill in the form below.

Note that these are the only 3 visiting options available at the moment,
so please select the one that is most appropriate to your needs

and go through, which will guide you through the basic agreements for each as you fill it.

And in order to receive regular news,
do join us in the 
Facebook Group Group or sign up for our Email List.

Guest (min. 1 week):
I want to visit the project, help on the farm if I choose to, and relax and explore the island  - I'll contribute to the project mostly financially  (contribution: €60-100 per week minimum, sliding scale)
Please note we
do NOT have
day visit
options at the moment
(join our mailing list
for news if interested,
as that may change),
and the minimum stay
as a guest is 1 week.
Intern (min. 1 month):
I want to learn Integral Permaculture in action, gain new skills, and design my life with your support - I'll contribute to the project financially and with work (contribution: €441 minimum for first month, sliding scale)

Volunteer (min. 1 month):
I want somewhere to stay in exchange for doing some work, so I can have time for myself and go around the island  - I'll contribute to the project only with work
(and I will pay for my own food costs)

If you can't see the form, please go here

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