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Spring News

posted 5 Apr 2016, 12:38 by Stella Ne   [ updated 17 Apr 2017, 11:01 ]

 a very quiet winter period when we chose not to have guests whilst we prepared for receiving a big group of students here in 8thLife, things got very, very busy ...

Adult Education Visit

At the beginning of March we had a visit from a group of adult education students who wanted to practice their English whilst visiting the project, so we organized for each of the Interns to explain one point of a tour of the place that we designed especially for them.

We really enjoyed the day with them all, this is the group photo for the day:

This was the tour programme we designed:

1) Library Integral Permaculture courses (multimedia, self-directed classes take place here in our 'cinema-library-meeting-room space) www.IntegralPermaCulture.org (Stella & Jose)

2) Gardens see www.bit.ly/RationalFood (Nicola)

3) Nurseries (Tagasaste project) (Luca)

4) Sheep Holistic Grazing, see www.bit.ly/AllanSavory (Stella & Jose)

5) Compost Toilet (+ Iponomea propagation) (Alejandra)

6) Pens for Pigs & Sheep (Csilla)

7) Chicken House for chicken tractor system (Zuzanna)

8) Solar Shower  (Thomas)

9) Camping PeDreTa project,   https://pedretea.wordpress.com  (Stella & Jose)

10) Workshop  (Mattis)

(the names in brackets are the people who were stationed at those points to tell them about the various designs there - in their best English :)  We gave them a leaflet with the map & these links so they could research more about each topic.

Click on picture below to see where the points of the tour are:

Erasmus Interns

We are delighted that this year we were finally able to start offering integral permaculture action-learning placements to Interns funded by the European Union.    

This means that the life-enhancing (& sometimes life-changing) action-learning experiences we have gotten better & better at providing over some 20+ years of experience are now also available to young people who wouldn't otherwise have been able to afford them.  

Do join us in the facebook group where you can comment on the newsletter, ask questions, etc.


Some comments about the Internship programme from recent students:

One good thing is online interface, flexible studying (you can do it in your own time) - Nico

I really appreciate the freedom that i have here and that i have been trusted in this learning process. - Mattis

I like that we can take the course anytime, & that we can learn many thing we have never done before. - Zuzana

What I like is also the flexibility, the possibility to learn from the others as well (interactive groups learning). - Thomas

The online course has the advantages of no deadline, being flexible. - Csilla

What I like is that we choose how much we want to get involved, its our decision and we can adapt it to our needs. - Alejandra