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Our journey starts!

posted 12 Oct 2009, 16:33 by Jose Lorenzo Zamora   [ updated 21 Dec 2011, 11:44 ]
We've launched this because we want to make the best use of our resources and current opportunities and also doing an exciting and multi-functional (action-research and action-learning for everyone, EcoVillage development via EcoEmployment and EcoInvestment, etc.), innovative project.

In case you wonder, our main source of inspiration were some talks with people from the PDC+++ our Nodo Espiral is hosting, and we were also influenced by our past experiences, and our current observations, because we think the System is really asking for this (lots of people travelling around the world, wanting to experience a real community, live in a natural way and be a part of the Global Transition Movement, but not finding an effective way of doing so), so we're here to try to answer those necessities and turn all that surplus energy into sustainable rEvolution.