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GaiaSis1 underway!

posted 26 Jan 2012, 06:06 by Stella Ne   [ updated 13 Jan 2013, 09:22 by Jose Lorenzo Zamora ]

The First GaiaSis Team?

Berry & Dickson are already on site, as they wanted to come early to help with setting up the gardens, which will hopefully be ready with lots of food in time for March.  

Dickson comes all the way from Hong Kong, and maybe he'll write a short news item about his stay later on, as he's got quite an interesting story to tell!
Berry has been here for just over a week now and settling in very well, see some of his news below.

Stella, Jose & Peter have been working hard behind the scenes, getting the web, manual & newsletter ready, now fielding queries and getting ready to welcome the fist team for their preparation month.

And we have some very interesting people already applying!  We're very excited about them, hopefully the next news item will be about them.

But we had some teething problems getting the first newsletter out, so we've just re-sent it today, and will give a few more days to accept the first applications because the various delays so far were just our fault.  Sorry!   Write in with your CV or an intro video if you want to apply, there's still some time left!!

News from the Farm

We have new sheep!   

We got given Margarita, the big (& now pregnant..) sheep at the beginning of January (the 6th in fact: it was our Reyes present :) by a friend... and then had an offer of a lamb from another friend, which we accepted when we realized Margarita was a bit lonely without others of her kind.    

But when we went to get the lamb ... we were given 3!  We had such a great afternoon with Felo (who's an international cheese prize winner) that he kept saying "oh, just take another one" .. and kept giving us little lambs as he didn't want all the ones that were recently born to his sheep.

So then we found ourselves with 4 sheep, & Julio & Berry set out to make the new sheep-pen, in rather a hurry... and here below is a video of Berry feeding the littlest one, inside their cosy new home..

First however ... here are Julio & Berry starting their pen, just a few days ago, it was ready to welcome the flock the next day  (improvements coming up) 

Made with 99% recycled materials (minus the nails), here is Berry putting a rather smart door on it.

And now you can see what it's like with the sheep in :)

About Berry

our gardening volunteer!

I originated somewhere in Holland but for some time now I have been travelling in order to learn about sustainable architecture, building, permaculture and other things next to living the life of an activist traveller.

I have built a few treehouses in treesits or forest occupations and have learned a lot from this.   

I've been wanting to visit the Canaries for a while and always want to get more in touch with the Earth, so coming here gives me the opportunity to learn about new things like the tree nursery I am now in charge of.

Next to that I will be starting off salads and other seedlings in the new and improved greenhouse, these seedlings will hopefully fill up the gardens I will help start off.

(& we're all delighted with Berry here! He's pro-active, independent, very responsible ... so we're off to a great start! Thanks Berry :)

Veggie Volunteers Update

Our dreams are coming true: we hoped for one or maybe two volunteers to help fill the gardens with veggies in time for the first group/s arriving in March, and we got three! 

Berry from Holland showed up (on the same day as our gifted sheep, Margarita) and will be shortly followed by Dickson from Hong Kong, and then by Tere from our own Island, in January. 
THANKS! So, wonderful blessings coming from all over, & we're going to be mega-producing within a short time. Feeding 4 and feeding 15+ daily requires quite a different scale of production, so we're preparing to make that leap. 
We have lots of potatoes coming up now thanks to Jon who was here in December, and Julio & Stella decided in January to set up a friendly competition for who gets their garden growing the most food, quickest, so we are eating something from the gardens every day, as always, but the gardens are starting to look less wild & we're looking forward to some more variety soon.