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February Aniversary

Valentine's Day marks the day we first got the keys for the Casita on the new Finca Luna, the 14th of February of 2006.

It was a very magical day where 3 elderly women who are very dear to us, all with very mythical names, were involved in giving us a wonderful welcome to our new & permanent home:   Gloria gave us the keys,  
Fortuna the neighbor welcomed us with coffee & a chat + stories of the place
& Ambrosia, our own beloved Grandmother, came with her broom to help clean up the dusty house & overgrown patio.

It was like having our own 3 Fairy GodMothers bless our arrival, and of course it being Valentine's Day also did feel like very good omen :)

Many blessings, blissful & some hard times later, this year we celebrated this lovely anniversary by having an unusual, adventurous meal cooked by our 3 Resident Fairy GodFathers, Berry, Dixon & Taco who are currently here to help set up the new food gardens (pix to come!!) and are at the moment experimenting with how many interesting dishes can be cooked with green banana - a super-food we can get for free from the cooperatives in town.

So we had mashed green banana (yum!) with soup & guacamole (avocados being the other super-food we have here for free & plentifully).
Hopefully Taco (who has edited some very interesting documentaries in his time) can make these experiments into a mini-documentary on green bananas!  If he does, we will let you know :)

We have actually taken lots of pictures of the work done so far in the gardens, including a lovely workshop by Carmen (a dear friend, neighbor & cave-building stone-walls expert) on making little walls to raise the beds that we've built over masses of chopped up 'tunos' (cactus) that Dixon & Co. have been busy clearing one large terrace of.

Film, pictures & more news hopefully coming soon... rushing right now as so many things to get done!!