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Exciting Opportunities

posted 16 Aug 2016, 18:24 by PermIntegral   [ updated 5 Apr 2017, 14:10 by Jose Lorenzo Zamora ]
boletín en español aquí                          newsletter that we sent by email,  thanks for sharing it!

We have 4 wonderful young Europeans arriving in September for a year-long internship programme - and had so many applicants (65!) who are such interesting people ... that we didn't want to send out the 'sorry but ...' letters without also putting out clearly all the other opportunites we're offering.  So here they are, summarized:

PeDreTea2 from 2016-2017

PeDreTea2 (Permaculture Dream Team - the second group) is a 2 to 6 month action-learning adventure focusing on hands-on intensive design exploration of Team Building & Forest Gardening (with optional extra design projects) in the 8thLife EcoVillage project in the Canary Islands.
Ideal for all those who seek to clarify their path towards sustainability & wish to acquire the most important skills required for this.

See www.media.8thlife.org for full details and how to apply if interested.

This is the banner we made for PeDreTea2 this time,

and we hope  to put photos of the other members of this team which we'll gather during the next months.

We already have some great applicants, and have yet to put out the news on the main social news channnels!  Enrollment has started but will only end when we have a group of people deciding together when to come live on site (dates flexible).

EVS2 Starting in September

After putting out the call for the EVS programme "Integral Permaculture in the Canary Islands" in our last newsletter at the beginning of July, we received more than 60 applications, most of them from very interesting-sounding people!  Which made it very difficult to choose just 4 for the programme...

But we did it, even though it was sad for us to have to let some people go ... and now we have a great team of young people getting to know each other and us via skype conference: 2 from Poland, 1 from Sweden and 1 from Turkey.

Look out for news about how that project goes in future newsletters!

Seeing all the great applicants for this programme, made us hurry up a little more to finish putting out the other ideas we've had from time about people we could help a lot whilst they help us a lot, in fulfilling some of our dreams:

New Volunteer Positions

We've found our resident EcoBuilder now (yipeee! :) and the residents family is growing, so we have three brand new new volunteer positions:
  1. 1 Paleo Chef / Domestic Help
  2. 2 Stone Wall Builder
  3. 3 Compost God/dess
for some very special people: they have to be able & willing to live in a tent for a while, at least at the start -  and that's in exchange for only 3 hours per day of work.  

You don't require any previous experience, especially if you have a strong interest in these areas.

See the news in our Volunteers page, "Three New Volunteer Positions" for more details.

And the Regular Internship Programme

Although we have less rooms spaces for this now (but always plenty of tent accomodation spaces), our popular & very flexible internship programme (that have been running here now for several years) will continue, and can be taken for 1, 2, 3 months or longer.  And if you are elegible for Erasmus+ funding, you can apply for it in this programme.

Compost Toilet & Solar Shower entrances.

Future EVS

For young people who applied for this roud of EVS places please note that we will take your applications in mind for future programmes.

We tend to select people who already have shown an active interest in Integral Permaculture, so please note that the Academy offers also free mini courses online, which you can study anywhere, in your spare time.

Future News

For future news from 8thLife, please note we have facebook group where you can see latest news but also comment, ask questions, etc.


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