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About Fishing & Nutrition

posted 18 Aug 2014, 02:58 by Cécile Capo   [ updated 13 Aug 2016, 01:55 by Stella Ne ]
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In summer we tend to spend a lot more time enjoying the ocean, especially during the hottest days.

On those particulary warm days we spend the morning doing things around the farm, like making sure all the animals & plants are kept cool & well-watered, then get down to the water in the afternoon, returning in the evening after picking up lots of greens for the sheep on the way back up home, whilst enjoying the spectacular sunsets.

We thought we'd share some of our discoveries & current experiments with nutrition in this newsletter, as we are constantly action-researching here.

Not many people know about the Aquatic Hypothesis of Human Evolution
It is a little-known theory that would explain (amongst many other things) what more & more dietary experts are emphasizing nowadays, of the crucial importance of sea food (especially crustaceans & mollusks) to our diet. 

Jose being very interested in nutritional science, we made sure that we also learn all we can about
how to provide for ourselves from the abundant coastline that we are so beautifully surrounded by. 

We've been learning from expert fishermen like this farming neighbor who has been teaching us a lot about where & how to catch valuable sea food.  
This is Jose harvesting sea urchins - which are very highly nutritious and in fact are now a "plague"
of our coasts here (due to man-made disasters), so it's especially useful to catch them, as well as quite easy.     


We are celebrating increasing our Food Freedom
here in the EcoVillage project considerably this year, not only physically
(we realized recently that our food buying budget has more than halved since the end 2012!),
but also more recently by creating a great free conference 
for International Permaculture Day this year.    

It's wonderfully controversial and a very good example of how 'integral' permaculture takes into account truly ALL facets of any subject, in order for us to be able to do truly holistic design together. 
It's also a great way to understand how & why we design our sustainable food systems here in the 8thLife EcoVillage project.

Click here to enroll on the new Free MiniCourse "FoodFreedom" that this conference is now available as. 

Sea baths are very important for health also (possibly because of our sea ancestry?) as we absorb a lot of valuable minerals through our skin from sea-water, notably magnesium.

Collecting lots of food for the sheep on the way back home from the beach, one of our routines.