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Volunteers to Grow Food

posted 12 Oct 2009, 17:34 by Jose Lorenzo Zamora   [ updated 30 Dec 2011, 09:37 ]

Would you like to help grow the food (organically, of course) for the first team of GaiaSis adventurers?   

We are looking for 2 or 3 food-growing helpers! 

>> apply January 2012 <<  

Preferably - but not exclusively - people who already know how to work in the nursery & gardens, who are hard-working and keen to be of service to the new GaiaSis adventures.

Ideally we'd love people who would also like to participate in one of the GaiaSis adventures, eventually.

Our gardens are pretty wild at the moment, productive just enough for a few of us, after a year & a half of neglect due to some very intensive work on other fronts & issues with unreliable volunteers. 

So we're now starting to put two or more of the large gardens into full production, in order to feed the first GaiaSis1 teams, arriving in March.

All this means we're open to welcome you on site if you have an interest in growing food BUT there is one condition: you will need to contribute to your food cash costs whilst you're here, but we will pay you in Gaias for good productive earth work.      

So your pay-off, apart from the Gaias, will be to live (camping accommodation: bring your tent!) in a very beautiful place in the Canary Islands for a month or two, with solar shower, camp kitchen, compost toilets, fast internet connection, and the most amazing views of the landscape here full of almonds in flower coming up - the great treat we get every year in January & Februrary - doing a very pleasant & useful job, hopefully learning a lot on the way, also.  

If you're good at the work (meaning you actually get the gardens producing food, without us having to over-see you all the time) you can earn Gaias, our local currency, which you can save up & cash in for mini-shares in the EcoVillage, but if you prefer you can also use them to pay for the enrollment fee for a GaiaSis adventure of your choice, if you apply. 

If it sounds like a good deal for you, write to us at hola (at) ecoinversion (dot) net  saying:
  • how you heard of us
  • what experience (if any) you have of growing food
  • that you're available for the whole of January or February, or both (priority to both months)
  • & convince us that you're very reliable, & will save us work instead of making more, please :)
  • also send a photograph so we can see who we're talking to!  
  • if you have a skype address also do send it so we can chat 

We want to get the gardens back to looking like this!
(there's enough salads to feed 5 people for a week in just this little space :)