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What does the place look like?
It changes a lot in appearance from season to season, and also the look depends a lot on who's here or been here lately (how tidy they are, how much work we put in, etc.), like any household.
Here are some pictures.

August-September 2011

The most recent photos  
thanks Cip for organizing them!

End December 2010

These photos were taken during the last week of December 2010

click on picture to enlarge

(Francesca took some gorgeous pictures whilst visiting in mid-january but we're trying to figure out how to reduce them in order to show them here ... arriving soon.    For now here are some rather mediocre ones of our own .. )

Patio of La Casita in Arachne

Flora garden, domo entrance

Vulcan garden north

Carpentry shed

Vulcan domo entrance

Vulcan garden south

Flora terrace

Bathroom palmera

Vesta terrace wind-barrier

Vesta terrace behind shower

Flora garden west

Vesta terrace east

Vesta terrace fig

Big chicken house construction starting

Flora garden south

Potter garden

Potter garden

Vesta garden

Vesta garden chooks

Vesta garden

Vesta terrace, compost toilet & solar shower domes

Stone circle in Oya terrace 

 Open-air kitchen structure on Oya terrace

 Kitchen inside (not used in winter, excuse the mess..)

 Kitchen structure from the side - oven extra roof at the back

 Light experimental domo structure on Flora terrace

 Domo structure closer up

Cloud forest effect ... going from Santa Cruz to Roque de los Muchachos

2006 - 2009


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