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EcoBusiness Opportunities

The 8thLife EcoVillage project is mainly an eco-business nusery.

It was envisaged as an action learning integral permaculture project

an Integral Cooperative of these complementary eco-businesses:

These 3 are the base we're already working from, covered by the regular residents here (click on images for biogs), although all are also open to helpers as we have lots of work to do, just with these.

PermaCulture Education

Now also part of the EcoEscuela Network we offer Internships on site.   There are networking /graphic / multimedia design as well as experienced teacher opportunities for people interested in enhancing this work.

Animal Systems

We're already 90% self-sufficient in food mostly thanks to Jose's evolving animal systems design, which also creates plenty of organic fertility for all of the gardens & forest-gardens on site


We opened Transition House in 2014 to meet the demand for visiting options.  There is still a Camping Site opportunity for someone interested in enhancing this work.

These below are the ones we're keen to fill soon as possible, as they are ready to go in terms of infrastructure, as well as quite important in terms of complementing well all of the others:

EcoBuilding & 
Carpentry Workshop

We have a great workshop space 
ready for improvement & that we are eager to put it to work+ all basic tools on site as well as some very interesting innovative recycled building opportunities for someone who is truly passionate about sustainable technologies.

People who are great at Admin, Networking, Multimedia Design
as well as Domestic Skills also needed to enhance all of this work.

Garden Systems
& Food Processing

There's a big animal-tractored garden system almost
ready to go + already functioning nursery able to produce large amounts of organic veggies 
+ additional smaller gardens 
already producing for our own consumption.

And these 3 will be the 'icing on the cake', not essential right now, but really great to have at some point, 
as we have the conditions for these to work and some infrastructure already in place for them.


Café & Events

we're doing this already
 in a very small way, 
and there is lots of scope for expansion especially for someone
who loves socializing, is great at networking & also loves to create events and delicious local organic paleo-style food.

Forest Gardening
& Tree Nursery 

Tree nursery already started,
lots of demand for pioneering
& native species plants
+ we have 8 baby forest gardens
already started & growing: small nuts & fruit trees + hundreds of mature almonds doing well


Pottery & /or
Recycling Artist

There is lots of terracotta clay on site, we have a small oven + potter's wheel + a pottery workshop space on site
AND we have lots of opportunities for other creative artists, especially with textiles & other recycled materials.

We are very pleased that we have managed to create these great job niches for other pioneering integral permaculture designers, by preparing the infrastructure & identifying opportunities for some additional eco-businesses which would complement the existing ones perfectly.

Please note that the skills & experience needed for any of the positions above are relatively easy to learn on the job (especially since we are a training project so it's our job to support people in learning sustainability skills), but the attitudes and fundamental values of the people we are looking for - in our experience - very much aren't easy to acquire once here: you need to start with those already in place - or be very open-minded about what you are willing to change in yourself in order to live more sustainably (we are mostly raised to be consumers not producers, and these are difficult patterns to change, even for 'green' people).

So if you are interested in any of these vacancies, first of all please study all of the website well, and then get in touch with us if you truly resonate with the values and mission of the project, telling us which of the above opportunities most excite you and why.

We are also working 
on an Integral Cooperative at bioregional level
a much more ambitious 
project inspired by
our wonderful colleagues 
in Cataluña 
who created the CIC.

We are talking about this