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Application Form

Application form for the  8thLife.org project
Please take some time to study well all of this website (in particular the Basic Criteria & For Evolutionaries & For Investors pages) as well as  the web of the Association Gaia Tasiri (the organization that carries this project),  www.GaiaTasiri.org - there is a translation button if you don't speak Spanish, for a machine translation.

Please copy & paste these questions, adding your answers, into an email to hola@8thlife.org

Basic Info

1) Your full name (+ how you like to be called if different) 

2) Your email, telephone & Skype (if you use it) 

3) How old are you & where are you from
 (+ habitual residence if different) & which languages do you speak

4) How did you hear about us, how did you get to here 

5) A summary of your path to here 
& what abilities, talents & experience/knowledge you have accumulated as a person & in your networks / communities.  (include please where & how you were raised, what you studied, where & in what capacities you've worked - if you have a CV please also send it)

Your Vision & Values

6) There are 6 Ingredients for creating successful communities 
(please study the reference article).  In order for this one not to become one of the 90% of communities that fail, How would you propose that these 6 criteria are met?     How would you design the entry process?

7) My vision for the EcoVillage
Please tell us in as much details as you can, your vision for your ideal EcoVillage.  Where do you see that it coincides with ours, and where do you think it could be different?   Also please tell us something about which eco-villages you have visited or explored, how much you know of the subject (& how other examples influence your vision).

8) Shares in the EcoVillage
 (the land remains property of a Foundation, members have shares & right of use & re-sale - note that share prices are reviewed and usually will go up every February, on our anniversary of moving into the new site, which was 14th February 2006).

We expect all permanent members to eventually have a full share (that money goes go building more infrastructure for the EcoVillage project and buy neighboring lands), but you don't have to start with such a big investment from the beginning, and just contribute more for the monthly costs (we have a sliding scale), but if you just want to come for part of each year on your vacations, you can also have mini-shares corresponding to how many months of the year you want to spend here
- please note that each share or mini-share is a permanent investment, so you only need to pay for them once, not every year or month.

Which of these options are you interested in?  

a) I want to be a permanent member and invest on a full share (22.000 €) or part of it to improve the infrastructure of the project (paying the minimum of shared costs monthly: water, electricity, phone, etc.)

b) I prefer to pay a monthly rent & not to have a share to start with - maybe later on.

c) I want to go there for part of every year and have mini-shares to support the project and pay less rent for my stay (2,200 € for each mini-share of a month per year)

d) I would like to help buy one of the neighboring farms to add to the Foundation (between 40,000 - 130,000 €)

e) I want to invest in the EcoVillage but not live there 

9) Are there other people?
(if you are interested just for you or with a partner /family / children / friends, etc.    Please write here their names, ages & something about them.    If they are adults please ask them to also fill out this form independently)

10)   Living together
Living & working together requires very good teamwork & ability to live in community.   

What experience do you have of living in community  & of working in a group?   
Which roles have you taken in those & what do you think are the most important considerations when it comes to doing good team work?    

How do you think that committing to an Integral Permaculture approach to designing all facets of the project might help in getting this crucial part to working better than usual?  

11) Food & maintenance
We adapt our diet to what this land offers us, & we all share each facet of the work in the finca.   
Here you can put which special needs you have in terms of food, physical abilities, work disposition (eg. physical health, during which hours of the day you like to work, etc.) & what type of work & of food you most like or prefer.

What type of diet do you think is the most sustainable for our bioregion, short & longer term?
How much do your personal preferences differ from these & would you be willing to adapt your tastes to the most sustainable options we can find?

12)  Ethical & practical commitment
We would like to share this project with people who, like us, have a strong commitment for living in a simple & integral permacultural way, who are flexible, very enterprising & with enough experience & maturity to bring something useful to the project, free (or freeing themselves in an active way) from addictions, non-dogmatic, open & sociable.    
In which aspect of these are you in agreement?  
Which describe you well and which not?

13) Which are the most important ethics & values for you?

Employment & Training

14)  Employment 
Please study the Ecobusiness Opportunities page.

If you are looking for work & could do with some great practical support in order to get your own eco-business going, if you have the initiative, maturity & persistence necessary, & especially if you are interested in being a dynamic part of a Transition Town ... we're looking for you!    

Note here which would be your ideal job (what you most love doing), whether you already work in this way or would like to start to & what experience you have for it? 

(you can put various of course, in order of preference)

15) First requirement: enrolling on the Integral PDC

This is the most basic requirement of entry, as what is special about this ecovillage project is the fact that we intend to carry out all aspects of the project scientifically, putting into practice the Integral Permaculture Manual & thoroughly documenting all results.    

The manual is on www.PermaCultureScience.org (under construction) & includes some major improvements on the regular PDC, mostly in Modules 1 & 5: PeopleCare & EcoEconomics.

What do you think about us having this focus?   
Do you have any experience or previous interest / studies / contacts in the Integral world and / or the Permaculture world?  

Please share which, when, to what depth, etc.

16)  Doubts & Questions

Note we are happy to answer a few questions by return email, but not to enter into long email dialogues - because that is something done a lot more effectively in the design portfolio the Integral Permaculture Academy provides - immediately on entry to the PDC course (any version, Option C being the minimum entry requirement for prospective EcoVillage members)  >> see www.IntegralPermaculture.org/courses

Note we also have the iPDC course as an ideal option for people seriously interested in exploring joining the EcoVillage >> see  here

In the private wiki which we share as ecovillage members + serious prospects (on the iPDC course) we are actively & continuously designing / documenting all parts of the eco-village, so there is a great deal of information already there which you would have immediate access to, once we've established you're seriously interested & also willing to invest something of your own in this effort.

For this & other reasons it does not make sense for us to duplicate this information in lengthy emails.

Having clarified that, we are happy to answer a few burning questions you might have, directly.     Which questions, doubts, suggestions, ideas... do you have?

17) Commitment to the Diploma in Integral Permaculture

We also expect everyone in the EcoVillage who can do so, to work toward an Integral Permaculture Diploma (a lot more demanding than an ordinary permaculture diploma), as this will add much resource to the EcoVillage (eg. coherence & excellence in future team-teaching) & also help to move on our vision of transforming the local village (population circa 200) into a Transition Village.    

What do you know about Transition Initiatives & about the Permaculture Diploma? (have you started on this path or do you have intention to?)

We appreciate this is a very long & detailed application form and we feel that it is appropriate to what we're looking for: being a founder member of a quite unique EcoVillage project is something that is worth thinking through in some detail, & we need to know whether you're up for the job.

Hoping to hear from you soon!

very kind regards

founder members of the
www.8thLife.org project

This page, www.8thlife.org is the principal page for investing in the EcoVillage.

If after studying these pages you find that you are seriously interested in being considered as a founding member of this EcoVillage (a project still in very early stages of formation), we'd appreciate if you could send us this application form filled out in as much detail as possible, as a first step.     

Of course please do copy & paste what you already have sent to us in the appropriate spaces.

When completed please send it to hola@8thlife.org 

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